Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Holy Spirit in Preaching

Ten Ways the Holy Spirit is at Work in Preaching
  1. The Spirit's inspiration of the biblical text
  2. The conversion of the preacher to faith in Jesus Christ
  3. The call of the preacher to preach the Word
  4. The character of the preacher to live the Word
  5. The illumination of the preacher's heart and mind in study
  6. The empowerment of the preacher in proclaiming the Word
  7. The testimony of Jesus Christ as Lord and mediator
  8. The opening of the hearts of those who hear and receive the Word
  9. The application of the Word of God to the listeners' lives
  10. The production of lasting fruit displayed in the lives of Spirit-filled believers
-- Greg Heisler, Spirit-Led Preaching, 4.

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