Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Passionate Preaching

Where does passion come from? ...the Spirit of God births passion in our hearts long before we stand to preach on Sunday. If you're not passionate about your message before Sunday at 11:00, no amount of psyching yourself up will help; it's too late for genuine, heartfelt passion.

You can mark your sermon notes with a Post-It Note that says, "Get passionate at this point," but it won't help because passion is not planned; it is incarnated. ...Passion is not a light switch we can turn on or off at will; rather, passion erupts out of an ever-growing, ever-vital, and ever-dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit.

-- Greg Heisler, Spirit-Led Preaching, p.110

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Jojo said...

I just witnessed the best sermon I'd seen/heard in a few years. Reflecting on it later, I realized that what made it awesome was that the pastor was REAL. He felt genuine, not rehearsed, just talking about stuff he cared about. You might call that passion. It made all the difference in engaging me in his message.

It really felt like he was talking off the cuff, although I'm sure he was prepared. I think he did throw in other tidbits off the cuff though. At one point, he was trying to give an example of something and he couldn't remember the name of it -- a book or movie (I can't remember). It was just so cool that he sounded just like a person in conversation -- not a performer on stage -- when he said "oh... what's it called again?"

Keep it real.